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Benelli Lift

Benelli Lift Surgery

Benelli lift surgery in Delhi is suitable for those women who faced moderate sagging of the breast due to weight loss or pregnancy. Even those women who have developed looseness in their breast may approach the benelli lift surgery to remove the deflated appearance of the breasts. This treatment is used to give the breasts a perkier appearance by installing an implant in them that re-inflate the breast by puffing up the loose skin and lifting the nipples at a higher position. Unlike the traditional way of lifting the nipples position, modern technique is utilized to improve the appearance of the breast.


Benelli lift in Delhi is the proven technique for those who are suffering from enlarged or uneven areolas. During the surgical procedure, an incision is placed near the areola from which surgeon will remove the excess skin tissue in the shape of a doughnut. For an additional lift, a crescent shaped tissue is removed from the top of the areola and the remaining skin is sutured with string. In those cases, where an implant is not required, the surgery results in a flatter and round breast shape. The surgery is performed in the way that scars are rarely visible.

Duration & Longevity:

The benelli lift surgical procedure takes around 1-3 hours. Some people confused the benelli lift with the mastopexy, but it’s not like that. Mastopexy is a lengthier process. Though the result of the procedure is lasting but it may fluctuate depending upon the factors like weight fluctuations or aging.

Post-surgical recovery:

Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness may occur but these discomforts lie for small period of time. The benelli lift surgeon in Delhi recommends return back to normal activities after one week. However, strenuous activities must be avoided for about 1 month to avoid any serious issue.

Benelli lift is a good technique to get fluffy breast without going through the procedure of mastopexy.