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Dermabrasion In Delhi

Dermabrasion also termed as skin refinishing is the process that helps in improving the sun damaged or scarred skin. It is the surgical procedure that helps in treating the acne scars or wrinkles and delivers a more youthful skin. The treatment can be used to treat the marks of chickenpox and tattoos but it cannot be used to treat birthmarks or moles or even burn scars. This procedure is used to abrade the skin, preferably suited to heal extensive sun damage and wrinkles.


In the dermabrasion treatment in Delhi, a high speed rotary wheel is used to scrape the skin. In this procedure, a rough wire brush or a burr containing diamond particles is used with the support of a motorized handle through which top layers of the skin are scraped away so that new and a smooth skin can grow back in its place. The skin is scraped by the time it reaches the safest level that makes the scars and the wrinkles less visible.

Duration & Longevity:

the complete procedure of dermabrasion can take time from some few minutes to maximum one and half hour. Some special cases of sun damaged skin covers several sessions of the treatment. The result is lasting. However, it takes little time to appear as the skin takes time to grow with a smooth texture. After 18 months, maximum improvement in the skin becomes visible.

Post-surgical recovery:

a slight sunburned can be felt by the patient. It takes little time to get healed. Redness occurs that will fade away after a week. Return to normal activities can be experienced just after the treatment. Some precautionary measures need to be followed like protection from sun for 6-12 months, etc.

Dermabrasion is the reliable cosmetic treatment that leads to easy removal of sun damaged or scarred skin. It helps in getting a newer and more youthful face with no scars or wrinkles.